A Clean Beginning.

Trying to make 2013 the healthiest year for me one bowl of food at a time...

Bought some vegan chocolate today, the one with caramelised hazelnut nibs is so so good. Really pleased I found these! Can’t wait to open the cranberry one.
Rainbow chard! Amazing.
I have been enjoying these lately…been really busy at work so haven’t had the time to make my own juice. Coldpress raw raspberry, pear and apple smoothie.
Winter is coming. Bean and veg soup with pearl barley and spinach.
Great breakfast…fresh papaya, melon and figs.
Breakfast smoothie from Crussh - banana, honey, granola, soy milk and wheatgerm.
Wrap for lunch…Mountain Bread wrap with humous, red pepper, spinach, cucumber, tomato and avocado.
Vegetable Puff Tart…so easy. Got some ready made jus-rol puff pastry and topped it with loads of fresh veg, hemp oil, basil and black olives and put in the oven till everything was cooked!
this was so nice I started eating it before I could get a picture….home made lunch - rice noodles with tofu and seaweed with a miso/tamari dressing and some sesame seeds.
Lunch today…cous cous salad (with tofu, almonds, sesame seeds, chia seeds, mint and loads of franks hot sauce) and a juicy nectarine.
Chocolate chia seed and almond milk for breakfast.
Saturday evening treat…amazing vegan mac & cheese with loads of franks and nutritional yeast on top, with some sage and marjoram ‘sausages’.
Fresh melon! Yum.
Lunch today…Cous cous with sweet potato, butternut squash, red pepper, broccoli, tomatoes, cashew nuts and half an avocado. Covered in Franks Hot Sauce. So yum!
Vegan sausage roll and coconut water.